21 Day Fix – Upper Fix

These workouts are supposed to be back to back on consistent days, but as long as I’m working out I feel like that’s enough. Once I get consistent in doing them I’ll work on doing them 7 days in a row and doing my other workouts.

I really shouldn’t love this workout because part of it has me on my back pressing weights up into the air, but I do love ground work. And after my big bike ride, having an arm workout is just what I needed.

I’m not trying to be workout Barbie though. Push ups and planks aren’t my thing. About 12 years ago I ripped most of the ligaments in my left foot up. I ran and tripped on the stairs chasing my dog and it’s been nothing but trouble since when it comes to certain exercises. Actually I’m surprised running is something I can even do! The biggest lingering effect of it is that my injury has made doing straight leg push-ups impossible. My foot just doesn’t go in that direction so I modify them and planks into “girly” versions on my knees.

Believe me though, it’s still a workout.

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