5k Training — W6D1

Weeks 6 & 7 then week 8 it’s show time! This morning I smashed the Week 6 12:00 x 3 run only because I extended the break in between to 2:00 from 1:00. I still ran 36 minutes if you don’t count the walking and the warm up and cool down. Remember a few weeks […]

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5k Training — W5D3

Today’s theme of the day was snails. I saw a million of them (OK only 3) as I did my laps. Kinda funny when I’m trying to go fast that I see something so slow on my path. This morning I also started to realize how many familiar faces are out this early running and […]

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5k Training — W5D1

This morning started my 5th week of running. It’s amazing just how far I’ve come in my running in just a short period of time. I recorded my 14th run today. That means 14 runs ago I couldn’t keep a steady pace for a minute without getting winded. Now I can put feet to pavement […]

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5k Training — W4D3

Fourth week done! So proud of myself. I was supposed to go running this morning with a group but ended up sleeping like crap last night so I backed out last minute. Then it rained. No it rained. It poured. Thunder and lightening filled the sky and the whole world stopped for a little while. […]

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5k Training — W4D2

My little running buddy this morning skateboarded a little over 2 miles while I ran 2.5. 6:00/2:00 intervals were tough but doable this morning. Much cooler today and I didn’t start sweating until I got back to the house.

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5k Training — W4D1

6:00/2:00 intervals are no joke! I got through them tough! I’m so excited! Saw a friend on my run. I used to hate doing laps but my current route makes it easy for me to estimate when I’ll run and walk. I like that better than the unknown but I’m sure I’ll have to get […]

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5k Training — W3D3

Training this morning was a little slow but I got through it. 4:00/1:00 intervals are getting easier. I think I’ll give it one more time around before I move up just to be sure. Also I need to get my cross training more steady. That will help make my runs easier.

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1.8 mile bike ride

Short little one. The whole family went so that was why it was so short. My daughter fell off a little jump and down a small hill and almost landed on a dead snake so that pretty much cut it short.

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5k Training — W3D2

4:00/1:00 intervals completed in respectable time. When I tried this last time I failed miserably. This time was a different story. I think the earlier I run the better I do! Tomorrow gonna hit the road by 7:00am. Two more of these before I feel comfortable moving to the next interval.

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