T20 — W1D1

Twenty minutes seems like a short period of time but it was a good workout today. I got pretty good scores on my transformers but I had to modify the burpees and a few other things.

The next 6 weeks I’ll be doing Transform 20. Not sure right now what 20 minutes a day will do for me but combined with running multiple times a week I think it will up my success with losing weight. Logically I know I’m toning up but getting my scale number below 250 is what I really want.

Anything extra is helping right now.


  • T 1: RAPID TAPS — 123
  • T 2: TWIST OBL KICKS — 60
  • T 3: ROCKETMAN — 65

Can’t wait to see how my numbers change over the coming weeks!

Tracking sheet for T20.

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