5k Training — W7D6

The 15:00/1:00 interval is still feeling like a struggle to me so I’m sticking with it until it feels like I’ve mastered it. Clearly you can tell what I think about it from my picture.

My average mph has gone down by 15 seconds but somehow I still feel sluggish and today was defeating in the fact that I fell down on my run. Wet grass is a good landing spot considering the alternative.

I need to remember the last time I ran like this I started 40lbs lighter than I am now. 40 lbs of extra weight to run around with is definitely having an effect on the way these runs are going.

I’m not going to give up though. Starting today I’m going to add a workout and also switch up my food to see if that doesn’t make a difference.

Right now I’m still over 250 lbs and the scale isn’t budging.

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