T20 — W2D5

So excited to have gotten this far in my program. 20 minutes a day commitment seems silly to celebrate but really it’s a lot for me! I’m putting myself first for once. Even pushing off my kiddos to take care of me. It’s not that extreme of course but my todo list is not to […]

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T20 — W2D4

Numbers should be the ultimate measure of progress but if they were I failed miserably today. DAY 11 POWERFUL T 1: PARKOUR — 30 | 20T 2: TS SQUAT REACH — 30 | 20T 3: LUNGE PUNCH — 51 | 70 On the ground work is extremely hard for me right now due to my […]

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T20 — W2D3

Another day!!! Stronger is the theme of the day and I’m feeling better about this program with every workout. Ordered a step off of Amazon today!! It’s a knockoff but it’ll be easier to finish this out if I have the step! I decided to make the purchase because I was modifying but it was […]

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T20 — W2D2

Faster is a pain in the butt. I don’t feel like I’m going fast at all when I do it. I get that I’m supposed to push myself but after this mornings run I could barely lift my feet. My numbers were supposed to be higher but they were lower. DAY 9 FASTER T 1: […]

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5k Training — W7D8

Got a half smile out of me this morning. Looking back I should have run the whole 30 instead of intervals but who knew when I started out I’d feel so good. Skipped a whole bunch of runs because of the holiday weekend and birthday parties but I’m back at it now. Should have run […]

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T20 — W2D1

Back to back workouts suck but today actually was perfect with a stretching one then a cardio one. Got to sweating real quick and with stretching beforehand I was ready to jump into it. Day 8 Burn T 1: RAPID TAPS — 123 | 148T 2: TWIST OBL KICKS — 60 | 85T 3: ROCKETMAN […]

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T20 — W1D6

The electricity cut off as soon as I put on beachbody on demand. Could have been a disaster. It wasn’t. Day 6 Balance T 1: CLIMB PUSH-UPS — 40T 2: PLANK, OBL TRAP — 40T 3: BALANCED DIPS — 34 Two days late doing this since I had a birthday party to plan and execute. […]

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T20 — W1D5

Made it to day 5!!! So proud of myself!!!! These workouts seriously pull a sweat out of you!!! More stuff interrupted me today but I got it done. Major modifications suck but movement is key. Figured out a good push up modifier for the ones where you lift your knee to your elbow. DAY 5 […]

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T20 — W1D4

Two kids are making it impossible to complete this without stopping but I got through it with a lot of modifications. DAY 4 POWERFUL T 1: PARKOUR — 30T 2: TS SQUAT REACH — 30T 3: LUNGE PUNCH — 51 In 2009 I broke my foot. Well not broke but I ripped tendons and ligaments. […]

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