5k Training — W4D2

My little running buddy this morning skateboarded a little over 2 miles while I ran 2.5. 6:00/2:00 intervals were tough but doable this morning. Much cooler today and I didn’t start sweating until I got back to the house.

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Perfect Attendance

They just announced that my daughter had perfect attendance this year. 1 of 31 students in her school to do it. Considering the size of our school that’s a sad number of kids who did it. So glad that she was one of them. We will work on my son for next year! He was […]

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1.8 mile bike ride

Short little one. The whole family went so that was why it was so short. My daughter fell off a little jump and down a small hill and almost landed on a dead snake so that pretty much cut it short.

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