T20 — W3D1 (repeat)

Since 4th of July week got me off my great track record of doing my workouts on time I’m backtracking to week 3 so I don’t miss a workout or feel like I need to double up. Last week I did run and played golf so I wasn’t a complete couch potato but I definitely […]

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T20 — W3D1

Stepping it up this week really took a toll. The new step is making the workouts more impactful which is a good thing but also drains me more. It’s making for strange numbers on my transformers. BURN T 1: RAPID TAPS — 123 | 148 | 120T 2: TWIST OBL KICKS — 60 | 85 […]

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T20 — W2D1

Back to back workouts suck but today actually was perfect with a stretching one then a cardio one. Got to sweating real quick and with stretching beforehand I was ready to jump into it. Day 8 Burn T 1: RAPID TAPS — 123 | 148T 2: TWIST OBL KICKS — 60 | 85T 3: ROCKETMAN […]

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