5k Training — W7D1

Purple was the theme of the day. First time doing the 15/1 intervals and it didn’t suck. I even did the actual 1 minute rest instead of 2. Hubby got mad because I was complaining about being tired but I still went out to run. I get super antsy now if I don’t run! I […]

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5k Training — W6D3

I posted this on Instagram that this was a picture of my happy heels. It’s the last day of my 12 minute intervals and with new shoes In the mail to replace my old running shoes my feet were happy!!! Little did I know that this 5k run was only the beginning of a day […]

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5k Training — W6D2

Today I chose a different route to run. It was nice getting out of the loops. I think I’ll do the new loop tomorrow and see how it goes. My times are starting to get better. It gives me something to think about while I’m running. Runners math I guess. I watched this speech last […]

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5k Training — W6D1

Weeks 6 & 7 then week 8 it’s show time! This morning I smashed the Week 6 12:00 x 3 run only because I extended the break in between to 2:00 from 1:00. I still ran 36 minutes if you don’t count the walking and the warm up and cool down. Remember a few weeks […]

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5k Training — W5D3

Today’s theme of the day was snails. I saw a million of them (OK only 3) as I did my laps. Kinda funny when I’m trying to go fast that I see something so slow on my path. This morning I also started to realize how many familiar faces are out this early running and […]

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5k Training — W5D2

Another great run around my “neighbor track”. It’s a huge block of houses that has been my running route for the last few weeks. Two laps around it is more than 2 miles which is perfect for this kind of training. It keeps me close to home, has no huge streets to cross or stoplights […]

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