5k Training

My fastest 5k in 2015 was 27:30. Today’s 13:50 average mile is better than a few weeks ago but I’m shooting for more like a 13:00 average by the end of the month. I think my new goal for the moment is to cut off 10 minutes of time. That would put me at 35 […]

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5k Training — 2nd 5k

Feet felt light today. Legs didn’t hurt and my feet felt good finally in my Xero shoes. Picked the perfect path to get it done without running in a circle. My face is so pink in that picture and while I don’t exactly look happy today was a good workout! Gonna try for a workout […]

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5k Training — W7D9

Still stuck on my intervals but getting stronger now. The above picture was my feet when I was done. It’s amazing how many miles I put on these feet and they haven’t given up on me yet!!! In other news… My average mile times this morning were amazing!! 20 something seconds faster!!! Mile 1 has […]

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5k Training — W7D8

Got a half smile out of me this morning. Looking back I should have run the whole 30 instead of intervals but who knew when I started out I’d feel so good. Skipped a whole bunch of runs because of the holiday weekend and birthday parties but I’m back at it now. Should have run […]

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5k Training — W7D7

Stuck on week 7. I’m keeping this on repeat until I can run it with complete confidence. Today my confidence was higher so I’m headed in the right direction. Got through the first 15 minutes without a negative thought in my head and the second 15 was slow but steady. My average times are still […]

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5k Training — W7D6

The 15:00/1:00 interval is still feeling like a struggle to me so I’m sticking with it until it feels like I’ve mastered it. Clearly you can tell what I think about it from my picture. My average mph has gone down by 15 seconds but somehow I still feel sluggish and today was defeating in […]

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