T20 — W1D1

Twenty minutes seems like a short period of time but it was a good workout today. I got pretty good scores on my transformers but I had to modify the burpees and a few other things. The next 6 weeks I’ll be doing Transform 20. Not sure right now what 20 minutes a day will […]

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5k Training — W7D6

The 15:00/1:00 interval is still feeling like a struggle to me so I’m sticking with it until it feels like I’ve mastered it. Clearly you can tell what I think about it from my picture. My average mph has gone down by 15 seconds but somehow I still feel sluggish and today was defeating in […]

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Yoga For Runners

I decided to cut back on running every day but include yoga into my weekly routine. This stretching program was great for my legs. Modified a lot due to my stiffness but this will definitely become routine for me the rest of the summer. PS — starting a new workout plan tomorrow!

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5k Training — W7D5

Tried my new shoes this morning. Xero Prio shoes have a wide toe box which means my wide feet can spread out and not cause me to have pain in the ball of my foot. I’ve also been having a little case of plantar fasciitis because I wasn’t taking time off to rest and that […]

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