T20 — W2D1

Back to back workouts suck but today actually was perfect with a stretching one then a cardio one. Got to sweating real quick and with stretching beforehand I was ready to jump into it. Day 8 Burn T 1: RAPID TAPS — 123 | 148T 2: TWIST OBL KICKS — 60 | 85T 3: ROCKETMAN […]

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T20 — W1D6

The electricity cut off as soon as I put on beachbody on demand. Could have been a disaster. It wasn’t. Day 6 Balance T 1: CLIMB PUSH-UPS — 40T 2: PLANK, OBL TRAP — 40T 3: BALANCED DIPS — 34 Two days late doing this since I had a birthday party to plan and execute. […]

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T20 — W1D5

Made it to day 5!!! So proud of myself!!!! These workouts seriously pull a sweat out of you!!! More stuff interrupted me today but I got it done. Major modifications suck but movement is key. Figured out a good push up modifier for the ones where you lift your knee to your elbow. DAY 5 […]

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T20 — W1D4

Two kids are making it impossible to complete this without stopping but I got through it with a lot of modifications. DAY 4 POWERFUL T 1: PARKOUR — 30T 2: TS SQUAT REACH — 30T 3: LUNGE PUNCH — 51 In 2009 I broke my foot. Well not broke but I ripped tendons and ligaments. […]

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T20 — W1D3

Twenty minutes in addition to my run is proving to be a good addition. My only complaint is that I keep getting interrupted during my sessions. Is 20 minutes too much to ask for? DAY 3 STRONGER T 1: 900 AB TRAPPER — 80 T 2: HOVER AB KICKS — 40/15 T 3: BURPEE HOP […]

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5k Training — W7D7

Stuck on week 7. I’m keeping this on repeat until I can run it with complete confidence. Today my confidence was higher so I’m headed in the right direction. Got through the first 15 minutes without a negative thought in my head and the second 15 was slow but steady. My average times are still […]

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T20 — W1D2

So far I really like this quick workout. I pause it and rewind every so often because I want to do the exercise correctly. I still get my 20 minutes in. This is a step program but I don’t have one. Maybe by the end I’ll want to get one but for now I am […]

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