Words of wisdom

I try very much to not focus on the numbers when it comes to my health for this reason. Earlier this year I posted about wanting my neck back. I think I’m making a little progress even though the numbers don’t seem to be budging. Yesterday during my 5 mile bike ride I wasn’t as […]

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5k Training — W4D2

My little running buddy this morning skateboarded a little over 2 miles while I ran 2.5. 6:00/2:00 intervals were tough but doable this morning. Much cooler today and I didn’t start sweating until I got back to the house.

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Perfect Attendance

They just announced that my daughter had perfect attendance this year. 1 of 31 students in her school to do it. Considering the size of our school that’s a sad number of kids who did it. So glad that she was one of them. We will work on my son for next year! He was […]

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The Sourdough Chronicles

Since this seems to be a big part of my life now. Here is more on the sourdough adventures I’m having. Left my starter out on the counter last night. It was warm in the house and it spilled over the sides of the container. Need to get a bigger one for it so this […]

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