T20 — W2D4

Numbers should be the ultimate measure of progress but if they were I failed miserably today.


T 1: PARKOUR — 30 | 20
T 2: TS SQUAT REACH — 30 | 20
T 3: LUNGE PUNCH — 51 | 70

On the ground work is extremely hard for me right now due to my weight. Last time I worked out consistently I was 50 lbs lighter.

Modified moves help me keep moving when I simply can’t do what is asked of me. I know I shouldn’t modify all of them but right now I’m uncomfortable moving around so it makes it an even bigger challenge.

Yesterday was a missed day because of a trip to see my grandmother so today I doubled up. This will definitely have an effect on my numbers too due to fatigue.

My allergies are still messing with me. I’m battling hearing issues and liquid in my ears. I can’t wait until this hit heather is over so things settle down and they get milder.

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