T20 — W2D3

Another day!!! Stronger is the theme of the day and I’m feeling better about this program with every workout.

Ordered a step off of Amazon today!! It’s a knockoff but it’ll be easier to finish this out if I have the step!

Click to find this on Amazon

I decided to make the purchase because I was modifying but it was too much of a modifier. Hoping that the next four weeks after it arrives will be easier.

I can’t believe I’m a week and a half in! I love that each day is different and the fact that it’s twenty minutes makes it impossible to say no to exercising!

Day 10 Stronger

T 1: 900 AB TRAPPER — 80 | 90
T 2: HOVER AB KICKS — 40/15 | 55
T 3: BURPEE HOP — 60 | 60

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