OMG! I’m not usually a fan girl about shows anymore but I’m so loving the fact that Yellowstone is back on with new episodes!

I love this cowboy show for its drama and it’s romance and the backdrop of Yellowstone National Park area makes it like no show out there.

The writing on this show is amazing. Clues are coming out about the characters in amazing ways and while a few aspects are a little unbelievable, in the world of the show they don’t seem out of the ordinary.

I bought the whole third season ($19.99) through amazon since we don’t have the paramount network which means every day that a new show comes out I can watch it as soon as the live feed is finished. It works perfectly because hubby can’t stay up that late anyway.

On the first episode of the third season there was a quick scene with the on again off again romance of the show. The actor Cole Hauser’s face when he looked at the lead romance female was so genuine that I seriously fought back tears!!! They have a long history, some shown and some still to be revealed and it fit in perfectly with the place they are in the show.

PS. This is definitely not a kids show for the violence and some of the subject matter but if you’re looking for some great juices drama check it out!!!

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