5k Training — W7D8

Got a half smile out of me this morning.

Looking back I should have run the whole 30 instead of intervals but who knew when I started out I’d feel so good.

Skipped a whole bunch of runs because of the holiday weekend and birthday parties but I’m back at it now. Should have run yesterday but with it being Taylor’s birthday and hubby being home I stuck around the house and did a double workout instead.

Temperatures are rising lately and if I don’t get out in the morning I just don’t attempt it.

This morning it said it was 67 at 7:50 am and I am completely sure this temperature was wrong. It was way hotter than that but in the shade it was manageable.

My feet are feeling good and my shoes are breaking in well. Barefoot running shoes are so not what I thought they’d be but I feel better in them than I do in any other shoes!

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