T20 — W1D2

So far I really like this quick workout. I pause it and rewind every so often because I want to do the exercise correctly. I still get my 20 minutes in.

This is a step program but I don’t have one. Maybe by the end I’ll want to get one but for now I am doing a load of work just on the floor.

So far it’s basically just move move move for twenty minutes. It seems like even if you end up modifying moving the whole time is the benefit while in other programs there are rest periods.

All I know is that I’m loving that I can workout and take a shower and get ready for the day in 50 minutes.


  • T 1: OVER TOP, X JACK — 64
  • T 2: L REACH — 55
  • T 3: SKI ABS, IN/OUT — 40

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