5k Training — W7D4

15/1 x2 intervals

Just when I think I’ve got this running game figured out my body reminds me that I don’t know better than it.

Hovering around 250lbs still is putting a lot more strain on me this time around. This morning I was reminded after my first 15 minutes that I need to take a day off.

Finished 15 minutes. My break and about 5 minutes of running before I have in and walked the rest. The sides of my legs were killing me and my feet felt extremely heavy. Running is not supposed to be that hard considering the length and location I’m running. Taking a day off should remedy the problem. I hope I haven’t caused an injury trying to push myself.

So tomorrow will be a no running day. I think I’ll take a bike ride instead and get the kids out with me. I can’t sit still these days but I definitely can’t beat my legs up.

Sad thing is my 2 mile average today having walked about half of it was almost the same as running it. Go figure that one out!!!

Got to donate my miles though which was satisfying even if my run was a bit disappointing.

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