5k Training — W7D3

My dogs lazy pose is the perfect representation of how I felt on my run today. I felt super slow for some reason which I hate. Strangely enough my pace was fine when my app announced them. Heavy feet and a few ankle/Achilles tendon pains at the start was discouraging to have to work through.

My best run days are when I don’t have to think too much. Running miles wouldn’t seem like a way to escape but there is something about a runner zone that can make everything go away except you and the road. I liken it to that place your brain goes when you’re driving. You’re on the road and fully aware of what’s going on, but somehow your brain is working life out while your body is doing something different.

Further distraction came from my husband calling during my 1 minute break so I extended it to 2 minutes. He started talking to me about grocery shopping which wasn’t a subject I wanted to talk about during my run, but I guess I can’t always choose topics with him.

This meal anxiety is high with me now. Food I really don’t have issue with but the planning and execution still is troublesome.

Mentally I pushed through and with a little mental mileage math I ended my run exactly where I needed to be to get home.

This afternoon is going to be a lazy day of laundry and cleaning and grocery shopping before a softball lesson for my daughter. I wish covid would go away so my daughter could get back to all the activities she was doing before. She and my son were extremely active before all this and now they have reverted to being couch potatoes whenever there isn’t an activity planned.

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