5k Training — W6D2

Week 6. Day 2. 12:00/2:00 x3 intervals
Ice cream Painting by my daughter Taylor

Today I chose a different route to run. It was nice getting out of the loops. I think I’ll do the new loop tomorrow and see how it goes.

My times are starting to get better. It gives me something to think about while I’m running. Runners math I guess.

I watched this speech last night on Netflix by Brene Brown and in it she mentioned that swimmers count breaths or strokes when they get bored running. I do runners math. Like how many miles per hour am I running if I’m running a 13:40 mile. A 12 minute mile would be 4 miles an hour so I’d me doing about 4.25 miles an hour.

Then that math mind goes to calculating a marathon runners miles per hour which would be 12-15 miles an hour or something ridiculously high like that.

Started thinking about anxiety last night. I have it at the strangest moments. My biggest trigger is when it comes to food. Not an eating disorder mind you but I get anxious when I have to pick up food for the family or grocery shop. Having picky eaters in the house makes ordering out very complicated and I’ve noticed lately I hate doing it because 99% of the time the order is wrong and somehow the blame gets out on me.

For instance last night my husband who always orders a burrito suddenly wanted a quesadilla. When I went to go get one from the local Mexican place I ordered a burrito because that’s what Hubby normally orders. And of course because I did make the mistake I got yelled at when I got home. It’s this horrible cycle that perpetuates itself. Intense when it’s time to get food. I get nervous and make a mistake and then get yelled at and the next time I only think about getting yelled at when I go to order.

Luckily I don’t have anxiety about running.

I won a 5x streak badge today on my Nike Run Club App! I also got to donate miles to The Wounded Warrior Project through my CharityMiles App!

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