5k Training — W6D1


Weeks 6 & 7 then week 8 it’s show time!

This morning I smashed the Week 6 12:00 x 3 run only because I extended the break in between to 2:00 from 1:00. I still ran 36 minutes if you don’t count the walking and the warm up and cool down. Remember a few weeks ago when I could barely run 8:00? Lol!

I also finished a challenge on the Nike Run Club app! 15k this week! I’m going for a monthly one too! I’ve added it to my RunMomMe Projects page along with all my other badges.

Today’s run had me doing a full lap more than normal. I thought for a minute that I was going to fail my run but it’s crazy how once you get into the zone of running you kind of forget your feet. I had 7,000+ steps on my step counter when I got done.

I started out with two kids as running buddies but after the first mile they bugged out for home. My son has made a friend in our neighborhood who comes to the door at 600 to hang out. He lives in one of the rental houses on the other side of our little complex of houses and from what I can tell is super poor. He doesn’t have a bike or a skateboard or video games at his house. He’s been at our house for basically the last two days. He has cousins and/or brothers and sisters who walk around the neighborhood barefoot. It’s a bit disturbing to see all these kids wandering around with little to no supervision which is why I was happy to have my son and him run with me today. At least someone is looking out for this kid.

So I finished my second and third laps and came home to find my 7 year old was drinking coffee sitting on the curb waiting for me to get home!

It’s funny how time slips away and you don’t even notice. I recently saw my son with a bunny in his mouth and it was only about 4 years ago!

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