5k Training — W5D3

9:00/2:00 x 3 intervals

Today’s theme of the day was snails. I saw a million of them (OK only 3) as I did my laps. Kinda funny when I’m trying to go fast that I see something so slow on my path.

This morning I also started to realize how many familiar faces are out this early running and walking. There is a nice little crew of people that are really friendly and say hi. I even saw one of my old PTO moms out and about.

Why does it seem like everyone else has stayed the same and I’m different? My husband told me last night after going to a doctors appointment that our scale is broken. I know I shouldn’t pay attention to the number on there that much, but I really want it to be a smaller number. I’m not even talking that much smaller really, but the number it shows right now is way too big for my comfort level.

Anyway, I’ve ordered a new scale so we will see how far it’s off. I guess if it’s off though at least it’s consistently off so losing or gaining is still going to be shown.

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