5k Training — W5D2

Wekk 5 Day 2 — 9:00/2:00 Intervals

Another great run around my “neighbor track”. It’s a huge block of houses that has been my running route for the last few weeks. Two laps around it is more than 2 miles which is perfect for this kind of training. It keeps me close to home, has no huge streets to cross or stoplights to deal with so it’s a perfect place to run without having to think.

This morning though I started to think. There is a plop of dog crap on the pavement that I’ve passed for the last week. We had rain here and yet it’s still on the sidewalk. Normally I wouldn’t even think about it other than to avoid stepping in it but after reading Know Your Poop I’ve had poop on the brain!

It’s funny. Poop and running seem to go hand in hand!

A few years ago there was a story on the news about a lad who would run in a neighborhood and poop on the side of the road. I’m sure it was an emergency but doing her business near a house with a security camera was her biggest mistake. As crazy as this sounds, it’s not uncommon for your stomach to get “churning” once you start running. Luckily I haven’t run into those problems, but now when I run it’s something that I think about.

A few years ago I had my gall bladder out after having years of gall bladder attacks. Now that it’s out, one of the side effects is issues going to the bathroom almost immediately after you eat.

I know. I know. Too much information.

With no where for bile to be stored in my body it now goes straight into my stomach. Bile is what helps digest your food so without a regulator on it, eating certain foods can make you feel like you have to go to the restroom sometimes even before you’ve finished eating your meal. It sucks to have to have to think about stuff like that but it is another consideration I have to make when I go out for a run.

Rule #1 for me is that I usually don’t eat before I turn on my Nike Run Club App. There are a few other rules I follow, but more about those later. Happy Tuesday! See you on the road!

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