The Sourdough Chronicles

Since this seems to be a big part of my life now. Here is more on the sourdough adventures I’m having.

Left my starter out on the counter last night. It was warm in the house and it spilled over the sides of the container. Need to get a bigger one for it so this doesn’t happen again. Hopefully I can find a big pickle jar or something.

And I’m running low on flour. Guess I get to shop for that tomorrow!!!

Figured out what the starter is. Sounds stupid that I didn’t realize it but it’s the liquid phase right before you add your flour and start to mix it up. you water it down a little and add flour and it’s just like any other bread recipe other than the proofing

Going to make my first batch of sourdough later. The dough is rising right now. The rise time is way longer. Not sure why but I guess I’ll figure it out later.

Starter here:

Recipe here:

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