5k Training — W1D3

Week 1. Day 3

Still a little struggle, but I’m feeling good about moving to the next level. Confidence is part of my issue. I start to get tired and want to start to walk, but the only way to get better is to push through and finish the time.

The best invention ever is a program that will call out your intervals for you. Not having to think about timing is important as your feet hit the pavement.

I post all my runs on Nike RunClub. In my running career I’m working my way to the 900 mile mark right now, but I’ve run way less than that this time around,

The Intervals app definitely helps out more than the club. I used to have a different app but I can’t seem to find it. This one works. It tells me when to work and how long to work for and when to rest as well.

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