Life changing cleaning tips for every mom

This post was originally posted on my old
website which no longer is active.

It’s the biggest not-so-secret things about me: I hate to clean.

It’s not even the cleaning itself. I can clean a toilet with the best of them. It’s more the fact that as a wife you are suddenly in charge of an entire household. Whether it’s just you and your spouse or you your spouse and ten kids, being in charge is overwhelming and not a feeling most people I know like to have.

So how have I gotten used to being the housekeeper of the family?

Cleaning hacks!!!!

It’s the only way to make an undesirable job into a pleasant experience to trick myself into liking chores.

Here are a few ways I get through…

  1. “Shine your sink” is a mantra that The FlyLady ( tells her clients and followers. The theory is that if you completely clean your sink every night before you go to bed it helps you wake up with a “clean slate” every morning. I sure this would work but after a week of consistent cleaning you feel better being greeted by clean instead of dirty sink. It definitely makes for a happy start to the day!
  2. Bring out the smell-goods! I’m not the biggest fan of bleach smell but give me a good lavender or lemon scent and I can clean all day. Actually my favorite floor cleaner is almond scented!!!
  3. Get on the clock. Fifteen minutes at a time. The biggest roadblock for me in cleaning is feeling overwhelmed but if you break it down to little chunks it’s easy to get it all done. You’d be surprised at what you can do in that short of time!
  4. The best way to make the time go by is to turn up the tunes! I’ve actually combined 3 & 4 by making a 15-30 minute playlist. When the music stops your cleaning time is up!
  5. Smell goods are great but in a pinch, simple Dawn Dish Soap does wonders on most surfaces! I use it on dishes, counters, toilets, shower and whatever flat surface is near me. If you don’t believe me check Pinterest for dawn dish soap recipes!!!

Being the housekeeper of the family might always be a thankless job but hopefully now it is a more pleasant task.

What’s your favorite cleaning hack?

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