Is Brushing Your Kid’s Hair Making You Crazy?

This post was originally posted on my old
website which no longer is active.

Its been the bane of my existence lately! I had to result to extreme measures. I had to break down and give in to TV advertising!

I’m so glad that I did!

When the routine of brushing my daughter’s hair in the morning got to be too much instead of screaming at my daughter for the millionth time, I asked he what we could do to make the process easier. We had already tried detangling spray, and conditioners, so when Bootsie saw Michel Mercier Professional Quality Detangling Hair Brush on an infomercial on TV I thought, if I can get it for a good price, I might as well try this As Seen On TV phenomenon. Actually I think I told my daughter if this didn’t work we were cutting her shoulder length THICK hair to her chin.

While you can find this brush on Amazon, I think we purchased ours at Bed Bath & Beyond because I had a $5.00 off coupon from the store. Either way, I spent right around the same amount of money and have never looked back.

I’m not sure what exactly about these brushes makes them so detangle-y, but it’s like magic when I take a tiny snarl in my daughter’s hair, brush over it maybe five times and come up with silky straight hair without her throwing a knock down drag out fit about it.

Also…she likes to use it herself so I don’t always have to be the one to fight her about getting her hair to not look like a crazy person’s hair. I’m sorry if that’s offensive to anyone, but really, she looks like a psych patient out of One Flew Over The Coo-Coo’s Nest if she doesn’t brush her hair in the morning.

What are your thoughts on the Detangling Brush, or any As Seen On TV products?

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